In June, 2015, the turnkey solutions on EoC system were released. The solutions incldue DB3010 (EoC master devices) , DB3020 (EoC slave device), and DB3040 (EoC slave home-gateway).  The solutions are compatible with Chinese C-HPAV specification. Our EoC team was involved to build C-HPAV Spec, and provided the KPIs. Our EoC team has rich expenences on HPAV research and implementation for EoC system. 

The Solution Characteristic:

1. Compatible with IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV SPEC
2. Compatible HomePlug AV2 PHY
3. Support the OFDM / 256/64/256/64-4096/1024 QAM, QPSK, BPSK modulation and ROBO
4. 128 bit AES with link encryption key management
5. Synchronous patent technology of noise suppression by link window of OFDM can effectively improve the integrity of the data in the noise environment
6. Evaluation and dynamic channel adapter
7. Advanced Turbo code FEC (16/21, 16/21)

EoC Master/Slave Module: DB3010/20

EoC Home Gateway: DB3040

EoC Demo Board