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Employees Benefit


In order to strengthen staff belonging, embodied humanistic care, further promote the company enterprise culture construction, form a good enterprise centripetal force and cohesion, Dropbeats has established the following benefits:

1. Social Security
We pay the "five one insurance fund" for employees once a month, which make employees sick having access to medical care and the elderly taken care of, also remove the trouble back of employee.
2. Medical check-up
We organize a medical check-up for the staff every year, in order to ensure each employee health to work for us.
3. Hoilday welfare
According to our country's traditional, every year the Mid-Autumn festival, the Spring Festival, the National Day and Dragon Boat Festival company give benefits for employees, to send the joy of love.
4. Paid leave benefits
According to the relevant state policies and regulations, the company employees can enjoy the following paid leave benefits: national legal holidays, wedding or funeral leave, maternity leave and family planning leave, annual leave, etc.
5. The year-end double pay
We give the double pay according to the condition of issuing at the end of the year, in order to affirm everybody efforts in the year for the company.
6. Recreational activities
In order to enrich employees amateur life, we will held activities to increase employees cultural identity on the company .