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About Us

Dropbeats Technology(shanghai) Co., Ltd was founded on March 2015. As an Embedded system solution provider. Our strong R&D capability enables wide range of commercial & industrial application scenarios with smart functionalities. For example, smart home, smart city, smart factory as well as legacy-to-smart system upgrading projects. Based on that, we offer both hardware + software product sales and technical solution consulting service. 

Leveraging power line communication (PLC) , Ethernet Over Coax (EoC) , Wi-fi and NB-IOT technologies. Dropbeats has built products like PLC modules, intelligence equipment, Android/ios customized cloud service . Dropbeats has combined all these mature technologies with its customization capability to form up numbers of industrial solutions. For instance, smart city, intelligence building intercom etc. Dropbeats can help customers to flexibly, quickly and economically deploy & upgrade their legacy communication network to smart system.

The Industrial Ethernet over Coax Transmission System is a commercial released product series designed by Dropbeats for IP surveillance market. It utilizes Coax cable or RVV line to carry HD video stream and reaches up to 2km of distance. A single backend equipment can support up to 32 front end simultaneously. The Industrial Ethernet over Coax Transmission system is a plug and play system specially designed for legacy surveillance system upgrading projects. By reusing the existing cable, customer can easily and economically upgrade their traditional monitoring system without very complicated new wiring work or much manpower.

In the field of Intercom, Dropbeats offers the 2-wire IP Intercom solutions which could transmit the audio and IP digital video by common 2-wire cable with high stability and high reliability. It can also supply power to customer’s own external equipments.

The Elevator advertisement on-line pushing solution, which is widely used in the community and business center elevators, includes smart Advertisement Screen, APP and Cloud service. The AD on-line pushing solution enables different types of main stream Audio / Video and pictures, web pages formats with our cloud storage service. As a commercial released solution, we also help customer to audit the AD content in order to meet governmental regulation.

Dropbeats’ enhanced smart modulation algorithm greatly improves the stability & quality of PLC communication technology. The PLC module product has built-in advanced noise-resistance capability and designed to adopt different type of complex industrial applications. Supports wide bandwidth while being very easy for customer’s system integration.

Dropbeats’ PLC module and WiFi module has been widely used in areas like home electrical appliances & CPE, elevator, surveillance, green power vehicle & CCS system, etc with customer proof. Dropbeats offers flexible hardware and software customization service for big customers.

Dropbeats is also the exclusive partner and design center of Qualcomm EoC and PLC technology. We look forward to help customers and partners to establish new smart applications.