Screen Cloud Solution


Provide device operating, media distributing, intelligent interaction, big data analysis services for any smart screen device.



1. Collect data of advertising audience, predict suitable population, improve relevancy between audience and advertising content.

2. Provide advertising evaluation, helps advertisers optimize advertising marketing strategy.

3. Support video surveillance and video call.

4. Provide supervision and monitoring approach for advertising regulation.


Five Advantages

Correct Scene    Accurate User    Rapid Spread    Low Cost    Easy Mgmt.



DBCloud Introduction

DBCloud provides one-stop service from hardware SDK, APP and WeChat development, to cloud application, etc.

DBCloud provides extensible, safely, customized IoT cloud solutions and services, through simple configuration and secondary development.


DBCloud Service

1.Device Mgmt.

   Single Device Mgmt.;   Device Group Mgmt.;   OTA;   Authority Mgmt.;   Role Customize;   Date Statistics

2.Connectivity Mgmt.

   Communication Network Mgmt.;   PLC/Wi-Fi Network Mgmt.;   Network Quality Optimization.

3.Service Enabling

   WEB Customization System;   User Identity Authentication;   Network Access Authority;   Network Traffic Control;   Ad Publish

4.Business Analysis

   User Behavior Analysis;   Location Analysis;   Ad Analysis


DBCloud Highlights

High Security;   High Usability;   High Extensibility;   High Customization


DBCloud Cooperation Process

1. Standard Solution


2. Customize Solution