Industrial Ethernet over Power Solution

Powerline Bridge for EV Charging Networking


Robust transmission, Wide bandwidth, Excellent scalability, Zero extra communication wires, Zero construction Cost

Dropbeats solutions:

  • Provide 200M / 10Mbps bandwidth
  • Star topology networking
  • Tree Topology networking (16-level hopping)
  • Support 256 charging stations in single network; multi-network supports more
  • Ethernet ports, direct connection, easy deployment for services

Powerline Networking

The alternative backbone for networking – for the central integration of Powerline technology in control cabinets and distribution boxes.
  • Ethernet-to-Powerline bridge for professional networking solutions
  • Maximised Powerline network performance
  • Secure integration in the control cabinet or distribution box on a DIN rail via direct installation
  • Up to 400 metre range over the electrical wiring in the building
  • 3-phase/1-phase network connection (PE and N)
  • Enables extensive networking for multimedia transmission, building automation (smart home), energy data acquisition, machine-to-machine communication, IoT and much more