Industrial Ethernet over Coax Solution

Application Scenario 1–Surveillance Upgrade

A full line of Ethernet-over-Coax products (IP Transceiver) provides an alternative for system integrators and service providers looking for a solution to utilizing existing coax infrastructure and migrating to IP-based systems. Taking advantage of the existing coaxial cables, installers can provide quick installation and high performance for CCTV upgrading without rewiring their environment. This retrofit easily repurposes existing coaxial cable infrastructure, and creates a feature-rich IP surveillance systems.
  • Simply upgrade analog system to IP
  • Easy installation; Plug-and-play
  • Cost-effective: Reuse existing coaxial cable
  • No configuration or software required
  • Switching function at multi-channel receiver end
  • Easily replaces existing equipment in a monitoring center

Application Scenario 2–Elevator Networking

Ethernet-over-UTP Product (With BNC to Twist-Pair adapter) extends the Ethernet transmission distance and breaks the 100-meter Ethernet limit, enabling a simplified system configuration. The point-to-point solution provides an easy installation. With the Ethernet-over-UTP products, system integrators can install IP cameras or other devices up to 600m from the central monitoring station.
  • Suitable for mid-range application (Distance up to 600m)
  • Ethernet distance over 100m
  • Low-cost and simple installation with UTP cable deployment